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Jason Rosell is a Performance coach specializing in Life-Mindset-Wellness- Relationships and Social Media business branding. Additionally, he serves his expertise as a Television & Media Personality, Celebrity Lifestyle Expert, and the author of the Yummy Healthy Recipe books collection.


Jason is the founder of the international award winning wellness brand "Caliente Fitness," having helped 1000's get into shape, through his innovative programs, in addition to being the host of the show "Get Inspired with Jason Rosell," available on all podcast platforms and youtube.


His coaching techniques have helped 1000's of women and men tap into their inner greatness in all the areas he has proven success in optimizing client's mindsets, lives, wellness, relationships and social media business.

Before becoming who he is today, Jason was a high school drop out working at fast food restaurants for many years, all while being broke, obese, depressed and anxious driven for close to twenty years. Discover Jason's full story here.

Take a look at different coaching categories, Caliente Fitness programs, books, and more that will help you transform and THRIVE!

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I LOVE people, and I am passionate about making people LOVE everything in their life! What is my job? To make you THRIVE! 

How? Mentally, Spiritually, Emotionally, Financially and Physically.

I am here to help you get unleashed and unblocked so that you START to LOVE parts of your life you didn’t know you could love.

Career? YES! Your body? YES! Your love life? YES! Your business? YES! Are you with me? Say YES!

What separates me from a traditional wellness/fitness trainer, social media business, relationship or life coach alone, is that I create action plans on how to live, organize, prioritize time, and have thriving relationships.


For entrepreneurs and business owners, I help grow your business with social media techniques that will make your awareness in business prosper.


Looking to get in great physical shape? We will do that with my fun lifestyle food and fitness programs, recipe books, workout videos, in addition to personalized coaching via Zoom/Phone with me no matter where you live. My coaching and programs are made for all types of people of all ages, conditions and injuries. I make it simple and accessible so there is never an excuse to reach one's goals. I will help you not only to GET READY, but to STAY READY!

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I know you are probably saying "damn, this guy does a lot," yes, I do! Why? Because I transformed my life completely, have helped 1000's, and know I can help you! 
I thrive by making things work for anyone and do not believe in excuses. How? I give you the tools you need to live a happier and a more satisfying life. Although physical fitness is a very important component of a quality life, it is only one piece of the wellness and business pie."

You pay for what you get in life. Take all of my years of experience pilled up into individual sessions. You are getting years of experience bundled up in sessions so you only have to spend a few months learning the craft and getting results versus years of troubleshooting with ladder ups and downs taking all the guessing work away. 


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