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The #Sexercise Workout

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Watch promo to learn how it works! 

The "Sexercise Workout" as seen on NY Daily News, Steve Harvey, Jillian Michael's, Saturday Night live & many more shows and media around the globe helping women and men get in shape in all areas! 


Provides key benefits including: Weightloss, Interval Cardio fat loss, Muscle toning, Sexual Endorphins, Lean Body Muscle Development, Heart Conditioning and Sexual Longevity.


The Sexercise downloadable fitness dvd is a short and fun workout to be performed 3 to 5 times a week.

What's included? - Pre/Post Stretch PDF Guideline +  Digital Download Workout DVD + The Caliente Fitness Dance Music Album!

Are you ready to SEXERCISE

Watch the #Sexercise Music Video

As seen on TV

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ON SALE! $29.99

Online Client Transformations 

colleen before after
Wendy weight loss transformation 30 lbs
transformation 15
transformation 16
transformation 17
transformation 18
transformation 20
transformation 11
transformation 10
transformation 8
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