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6 minute abs routine for a six pack

Summer around the corner, why not get a flat, tight and defined stomach right?

For 20 years, I always wanted to be thiner, leaner and have a nice stomach. My excuses and bad lifestyle habits simply did not work.

Yes, I was eating "healthy" but I did not know when or how to eat the right foods for my body type.

By the way, abs 75% made in the kitchen. There is another piece to the puzzle. Find out the exercises in this video.

Yes, I was working out back then, but I was just going to the gym and just going from one machine to another machine, then the treadmill. I was that guy, like many other people that you would see at the gym and would always look the same. I would workout, eat as healthy as I knew, but still no real improvements. Thank God after many trial and tribulations, I figured out the formula to transform my entire life and body and now I get to do it for 100's of people online and on television yearly.

Like any muscle. Abs still need to be worked the right way with the right exercises. I want you to try my 7 workouts in this 6 minute video and doing them 3X's a week.

Do this with a diet/ training plan that matches your body type and needs and you are on your way to a six-pack.

Stay focused

- Jason

Want a full mind, body and life transformation with MAJOR accountability with me?

Check out my latest program #CALIENTEMINDCALIENTEBODY (Click here to start)

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