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  The 21 Day Kick Off (Phase 1 of the "Mind Right Body Tight program"is a fat loss food + cardio program for women & men, perfect for beginners that want to be healthy and look amazing without starving and going on a boring diet. All of my programs have helped 10's of 1000's of people on television and online, are you NEXT?


 In this plan I will teach you the super fundamentals of eating natural fat burning foods along with awesome cardio workouts to lose weight naturally, tone up and help you attain a healthy lifestyle habit moving forward for the rest of your life.

What's included :

1)  The 21 day food fat loss customizable (downloadable/printable) food plan with swappable food options (Meat, Vegans and Vegetarian options.)
2) Specific Cardio Workout Routines to help you lose twice the amount of fat while getting you lean.
3) List of types of Proteins/Veggies/Carbs/Fruits that your will eat and will help you lose water, fat, inches and extra weight.
4) List of Foods you should or should not eat when at home or on the go!
5) What to buy at the grocery store and keep in your fridge at all times.
6) Motivation and accountability charts to keep you on track and much more...

Start your CALIENTE KICK OFF today!

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