Nothing comes close to the results you get from 100% focus on you and only you during one-on-one coaching. On the very first session we’ll identify exactly what’s been holding you back from being as happy, successful, and abundant as you want. Regardless if you need help in your life, business, relationships, or wellness, I will cover with you everything, eliminate your obstacles, transform your life, and blow your expectations away.

One-on-one coaching is so effective because we will:

  • Quickly uncover what’s been holding you back from unlocking YOUR true potential. It doesn’t matter what you tell yourself consciously – your success in life is directly determined by the quality of your UNconscious thoughts and beliefs. We’ll identify the thoughts and beliefs that lead you to your current results so we can change them.

  • Rewire your unconscious mind for happiness, success, and abundance with proven processes that get you rapid, lasting results – even if nothing else has worked for you.

  • Get MASSIVE breakthroughs that last a lifetime, from the very first session. Other methods and programs can take months before you see any results, and then they fade. With my coaching, you’ll get immediate results that will stay with you as long as you want (how about for life?)

  • Meet according to your schedule. Nearly all of my clients prefer to do their sessions via phone or video conference, which makes it simple to schedule your sessions.

  • Transform your life as fast as you want. We can have sessions once a week, or as many times as we can fit into our schedules so you can get your breakthroughs as fast as you like.

Clients Regularly Achieve These Results, You Could Too:

  • Shift out of negative thinking/feelings, and into lasting, genuine happiness

  • Grow your business by 20%...50%...70%...100%...even 200% and more

  • Erase anxiety, stress, and even depression (and free yourself of prescriptions!)

  • Drop emotional baggage and finally leave the past behind (even clear PTSD)

  • Attract love, health, and wealth of all forms

  • Save your relationship and rekindle your love for each other

  • Master effective communication with your partner, family, or coworkers

  • Become supremely magnetic by cleaning up your energy

  • And much more!



MARIBEL JAIMES - I was looking for a great coach that would help me with my dreams and goals. When I came across Jason on Instagram I realized he was the perfect coach to help me to reach my fitness goals and life dreams. I was in awe when I found out he covered All, such as Life, (help with relationships, mindset ...wellness, (fitness and nutrition.....) and business. ( social media, and business planning... ) and so much more. 

I received 8 coaching sessions and my mental and physical health has improved . I am much more focused on my own health, my needs, and on the people that really matter to me.  

Jason helped me on creating my unique meal plans, which helped me with my busy life. He was always concern about my exercise routines and eating habits. He was always checking on my progress. 
His MIND RIGHT BODY TIGHT is just exactly what he does on the program and coaching sessions. 
HE LOVES to build and bring people up to their full potential. What I really enjoy about the coaching sessions are his positivity and encouragement on the assignment that I received from him. He was always ready To LISTEN TO MY CONCERNS AND WANTS on life. 

For the business coaching was a really eye opener. He helped me to see a broader picture of my business. Was concern about the business foundation and mission statement. With his great advice and support I am on my way to develop a great business. His advice are of great value to my business for success. 

EMILY HEINE -  I want to tell you about my amazing experience with my mentor, and now friend, Jason Rosell.  I was first drawn to Jason for many reasons – he embodies the energy, enthusiasm, and passion in life that is so appealing to me.  He is a positive and uplifting force.  He has overcome huge challenges and obstacles to get where he is today, so he has achieved success.  He smiles and has fun in life – so important.  He is a great instructor in physical and mental health – something I value greatly and am always trying to improve.  



The sessions I have had with Jason have been profound, fun, uplifting, and motivating.   Jason listens and really offers great advice to any area of life I want growth in.    Whether it is my personal relationships, the start-up business I am getting off of the ground, tweaking my fitness and nutrition routine, becoming more productive, or gaining confidence, Jason is always there to listen, help, offer amazing advice, and push me to be better.  Jason's sessions combine story-telling, asking questions, giving advice and motivation, and always end with follow up and items to work on before our next call.  I am so glad I decided to invest in myself and my future.  There is nothing more important that a person's happiness, success, confidence, and growth.  I highly recommend Jason as a coach and mentor – he is simply AMAZING!  



SETH ROBERTS - I have worked with many therapist as well as life and fitness coaches. Jason covered not only everything, but made the process so much easier and empowered me in more ways that I thought were possible. Doing 2 sessions a week for 3 months was the best investment of my life. I feel better, anxious free, my wife and kids are more happy around me and business is better than ever. Thanks Jason! 



LAUREN FARACUZA - I was not sure what to think as I have never worked with someone like Jason as he covers so many things. In just 6 weeks of working with him, I saw so many changes in my life that I signed up to work with him as my mentor for a year and a few of my friends work with him as well. Life just becomes even more better. I do not live hiding in fear or of taking chances. Jason helped me in my mind, fitness, social media brand and relationship. Best decision I have ever made. Much appreciated Mr. Rosell! 


One time for a single coaching session, 45 mins (as needed, no commitment)

You pay for what you get in life. Take all of my years of experience pilled up into individual sessions. You are getting years of experience bundled up in sessions so you only have to spend a few months learning the craft and getting results versus years of troubleshooting with ladder ups and downs taking all the guessing work away. You pay for what you get. You want results? Let’s work!

NOTE: Most clients do 12 weeks of sessions for full recommended transformational results in addition to the Mind Right Body Tight program. Please inquire about the discounted 12 week program bundle pack.

I’ll be there to hold you accountable, call you out on your self-sabotaging habits and cheer you on after each big win! The FIRST STEP is to schedule a call…

DISCLAIMER:  One-On-One Coaching and group coaching for companies is not for everyone. It's my mission to give you the most transformational experience of your life, but to do that I need 2 things from you:  A sincere commitment to changing your life in big ways, and the desire to do that NOW - not later.  If that's not you, that's ok.  If that does sound like what you, just click the button below to get in touch.

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TAKE 25% OFF All sessions

With the 12 week program

Coaching once a week full of accountability


group/corporate COACHING

One time for a single group coaching session, 2 hours (as needed, no commitment)