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Jason Rosell Social Media Business Brand
Let's STRATEGIZE your GOALS so you have more clarity to take actionable steps during your 45 minute social media audit and business brand strategy consultation. This will help you with content development, business strategies, and avenues to help you monetize your platforms and more. Jason will go over your goals in a customizable format in the following categories of your choice :

- Gaining social media + brand authority presence.

- On Camera performance and hosting presentation techniques for you and your brand to get the most out of live and video marketing so you are comfortable in front of the camera!


-  Get consult Feedback on current brand + social media platform + online brand outlets.

- Re-branding (Getting focused on purpose and how your platforms can reflect that.)

- Social media branding plus website brand strategies.

- Learn how to land paid endorsement deals with national brands on social media like he does year with many brands. View brands Jason has worked with here.

- Full Planning and Strategies for social media growth + brand awareness.

- How to create the best content for your brand and audience.

- How to grow your social media and get more followers.

- How to attract your ideal clients and leads no matter what industry you are in.

- Training on how to generate your social media leads to a an email database to follow up with them.

- Attracting new followers and finding the audience that you need and want.

- When and how to post on social media.

- Going from corporate to entrepreneurship.

- Best types of apps to use with your social media, website and brand.

- Pick Jason's brain how he has built different brands for himself and attaining national and international press, plus television coverage for many years.



A session or multiple sessions with Jason is a combination of many years of development in business with store fronts and online brands.


Jason has taken most of his concepts and turned them into programs that have landed on national media and television. From books, to music albums, to workout dvd's, to coaching programs. Additionally, he has been placedon top ranking brand company websites along with accumulating over 500,000 organic followers on his verified facebook and over 100,000 global followers (and still growing) on

his verified Instagram profile.


Growing organically and consistently for the past few years, he gives you his formula that has worked, and if you put in the work, it will work for you. His social media and branding advice has been featured on both Medium and the Huff Post aiding 1000's in their social media pursuit of growth.

Jason also shares tips on how to get sponsored by brands as well as how you as a business/brand can get instagram and facebook profiles in your niche to represent your brand to create awareness to your profile.

When you focus on all the steps given, you will be closer to your goals. Eliminate the stress of researching one thing after the next trying to find the solution to grow your business/brand. Coaching sessions will help you and simply make life and social media a lot more easy and stress free while you grow.

Most clients do one to two sessions per week. Please feel free to ask about the bundle discounted packages.

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  • You gave me a great understanding of audience, influencers, etc.
  • Good advice on needing to hire a team – can’t do it all myself.

  • Loved your direction and recommendations on websites and companies to review.  I learned a lot from those and am using those examples to help our company.

  • Appreciated the advice on becoming the expert in our local market before expanding nationally.

  • Something Jason said struck me – you still rely on mentors and experts to help you. On my run this morning, I was thinking about that.  I have several big clients I am working with on their retirement – very complex cases. There are so many new products and strategies to help clients with retirement.  I meet with product specialists frequently to be educated on these. I realized bringing in product the experts to meet with the clients in a team approach would be a win, win for all. I know what the client needs and wants and act on their behalf, and the product expert can thoroughly explain how the product would benefit the client.  We could all win from a team approach.  Again, back to needing a good team – can’t do it all myself : )


Jason helped me organize my marketing and branding approach and expand all of the services I have to offer my customers and help me clear my mindset on the main priorities within my business to effectively reach the exact type of customers I want to reach via all of my social media platforms. This has really helped me, my business partner and highly recommend Jason for branding and marketing for all brands.


Being a business store owner in Atlanta, as well as now on the internet, I was exhausted of trying to make ends meet on both of these things. I say that because Jason cleared my mind and made me realize how simple it is to be able to have my business become successful on both in person and online without taking away my personal life freedom. He implemented strong and simple strategies that were not time consuming.


It was a good amount of work, but well worth it! I worked with Jason in the beginning for 6 months and my business is thriving! I currently only do 1 session a week vs 3 times a week just to stay accountable. Anyone that is looking to expand their horizons in social media, branding and in social media, I highly recommend Jason! 


Being a at home mom, who has a part-time job selling baby clothing and accessories, I hired Jason to help me take my social media pages to the next level and he sure did. I initially purchased his "INSTAGRAM POWER GROWTH" ebook + video course. I learned a lot and it really helped me grow my IG, but I wanted more.


I later did eight 1 on 1 private sessions on the phone with Jason. He taught me business principles in todays modern technology and applied them with his strategies to not only grow my social media following, but create a loyal customer base that is now what I call "MY ONLINE FAMILY." My customers believe in my products and I get most of my customers on social media and attract the right ones using Jason's easy approach system with the social media branding tips. THANK YOU JASON!!

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TAKE 25% OFF All sessions

With the 12 week VIP package

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Coaching once a week full of ACCOUNTABILITY!


Seeking Instagram growth?

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