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Before Jason Rosell became a TV personality and media sensation for empowering women & men across the globe with his life, wellness, relationship and branding coaching programs, he had a long list of obstacles to overcome.


From being obese for 21 years, to having stretch marks all over his body, a low self-esteem, a negative mindset, which led to Jason getting bullied daily. He suffered from major depression, anxiety, and at the age of 16, his parent's separated which  caused Jason to have to quit high school and work at McDonald's and Taco Bell to help his single mother keep afloat as they were both left broke and empty inside. 

Jason's story is a perfect example on real inspiration on how anybody can overcome the obstacles of life and achieve success and happiness. 

Fast forward to a few years, Jason has become a best selling author of the book "Yummy Healthy Dinners" on Amazon, a celebrity trainer, keynote speaker, and one of the world’s premiere lifestyle and wellness experts in addition to being the founder of the award winning global wellness brand CALIENTE FITNESS for both English and Spanish audiences as Jason's heritage and first language is Spanish from Madrid, Spain.

​Jason is known for appearing on television shows such as The Steve Harvey Show, Jillian Michael's "Sweat INC", Telemundo "Acceso Total", Hallmark channel's "Home and Family", The Adam Carolla Show, American Latino, All My Children, Saturday Night Live, VH1's I Love New York, I Love Money and many more.


Rosell has successfully built his brand by helping 1000's of women and men transform their lives and mindsets, lose weight, and achieve their wellness goals through his carefully curated life coaching, fitness/food programs, workout dvd's and five minute recipe books as seen on social media & TV shows changing the way that people look and feel about themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

A message from Jason

What separates me from a traditional personal trainer, social media business or life coach alone is that I create action plans on how to live, organize, prioritize time, social media business techniques along with my fun lifestyle food and fitness programs, recipe books, workout videos in addition to  personalized coaching via Zoom/Skype with me no matter where someone lives. My programs are made for all types of people of all ages, conditions and injuries. I make it simple and accessible so there is never an excuse to reach one's goals. 

I know you are probably saying "damn, this guy does a lot," yes, I do! Why? Because I transformed my life completely, have helped 1000's, and know I can help you! 


I was depressed, bullied and overweight for 20 years and know what it takes to change mentally and physically. I thrive by making things work for anyone and do not believe in excuses. How? I give you the tools you need to live a happier and a more satisfying life. Although physical fitness is a very important component of a quality life, it is only one piece of the wellness and business pie."