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Caliente Fitness Programs _ Online Client Transformation
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Here you will find all fat loss food + fitness plans, workout videos, 1:1 coaching, and books available for you to become CALIENTE mentally, emotionally and physically!

Most Caliente Fitness clients do the plans in addition to weekly mindset accountability coaching to keep them motivated and on track which is highly recommended.


(Tap on plans to learn more)

PHASE 1 On Sale $87

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PHASE 2 On Sale $97

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PHASE 3 On Sale $77

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Get all 3 Plans for only $197

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Yummy Healthy Dinners Recipe Book by Jas
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A message from Jason

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What separates me from a traditional personal trainer, social media business or life coach alone is that I create action plans on how to live, organize, prioritize time, social media business techniques along with my fun lifestyle food and fitness programs, recipe books, workout videos in addition to  personalized coaching via Zoom/Skype with me no matter where someone lives. My programs are made for all types of people of all ages, conditions and injuries. I make it simple and accessible so there is never an excuse to reach one's goals. 

I know you are probably saying "damn, this guy does a lot," yes, I do! Why? Because I transformed my life completely, have helped 1000's, and know I can help you! 
I was depressed, bullied and overweight for 20 years and know what it takes to change mentally and physically. I thrive by making things work for anyone and do not believe in excuses. How? I give you the tools you need to live a happier and a more satisfying life. Although physical fitness is a very important component of a quality life, it is only one piece of the wellness and business pie." I will help you not only to GET READY, but to STAY READY!

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