The "Caliente Body" Workout Series


   NO Equipment - Body Weight Only - 12 Minute Rounds for ALL LEVELS!


​The Caliente Body Workout series as seen on TV is designed to help you lose fat, get toned and sculpt your abs fast!




​The Caliente Body Workout series consists of 3 workout videos in which you can follow Jason who has lost 75lbs for the advanced level or follow Zinnia, who was once 180 pounds heavier performing the modified moves allowing beginners, to have confidence in their abilities to perform the exercise without intimidation. 

Each exercise move is timed and consists of 20 seconds of activity followed by a 10 second rest, spanning 60 seconds. This process is repeated 12 times for 12 comprehensive exercises, targeting all of the body’s key muscle groups for a total of 12 minutes.


Weekly sample of workouts when doing the 3 videos in the series :

The workout videos can be done 1, 2 or 3 times a week (depending on your level).

Monday (Total Body)

Wednesday (Cardio)

Friday (Abs)

Beginners - 12 minutes

Intermediate - 24 minutes (hit replay once)

Advanced - 36 minutes (hit replay twice)


 The “Caliente Body Workout Series” is as challenging as it is efficient, and committed participants start to see results fairly quickly when combined with healthy food intake by using Jason's customizable fat loss food programs.  Get your CALIENTE BODY, start today! 


Caliente Fitness Workout Videos & Programs

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