2.0 Family Edition

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The "Everybody Work It Out" 2.0 Family addition is a 10 minute (with 3 phases) fun fitness video as seen on TV made for all ages, shapes and sizes.


This workout is a full body, fat loss and toning program with simple dance choreography. It includes fun dance music written and performed by Jason Rosell using No weights,  No  bands, just you and your body! 

This program was the winner of the group fitness category on the Jillian Michaels TV show "Sweat INC" beating out 1000's of fitness companies around the united states. 

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Beginner Level - 10 minutes (5 times a week during month 1)

Intermediate Level - 20 minutes (4 times a week during month 2. Just hit replay once)

Advanced Level  - 30 minutes  (3 times a week during month 3. Just hit replay twice)


What's included? - Pre/Post Stretch PDF Guideline - Digital Download Workout DVD - Choreography step instructions - Caliente Fitness Dance Music Album

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2.0 Family Edition

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