During your 45 minute consultation, Jason will go over your social media goals in a customizable format in the following categories :

- Gaining social media authority and presence

- Feedback on current social media platform

- Re-branding (Getting focused on purpose and how your platform can reflect that.)

- Social media branding plus strategies 

- Geotags and hashtags

- Full Planning and Strategies for social media growth

- How to create the best content for your brand and audience

- How to grow your social media and get more followers

- How to engage and the importance of engagement on social media

- Attracting new followers and finding the audience that you need and want

- When and how to post on social media

- Best types of apps to use with your social media

1 on 1 Branding + Social Media Consultation

  • You will recieve a confirmation email within 24-48 hours by Jason to set up your desired best day and time for your conultation :)


    There are no refunds. Put in the work, and get the results!