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Get the CALIENTE MIND CALIENTE BODY 12 week Plan + 1 (30 Minute Mindset Accountability Coaching session via phone or zoom)


Includes :


Phase1+2+3 of Jason's top programs to get in the best shape of your life and have the best new lifestyle.


This is for those wanting to get the ultimate results from start to finish at the best price with 40% discount on all three programs. 


Includes :


The 7 day Tummy Tuck


The 21 day Kick Off


The Caliente Body 8 week program


The Caliente Body Workout Series 


One 30 minute phone or zoom - The coaching session will set you up for success to not only keep you thriving weekly, but also to make sure you have the reinforcement and accountability on your journey in all levels as we can discuss all topics you are interested in or struggling with in addition to all the celebration from the accomplishments attained. With this live (30 minutes) coaching session, you will have 1 on 1 time with Jason (via phone or zoom) to work on either of the following categories:


- Life Coaching (Personal development, inner peace + balance, self love, state of calmness and peace.)


- Wellness Coaching (Fitness/Food Plans/Weightloss/Muscle Development.)


- Relationship Coaching (Mindful eating, Mindful relationships, Dating with a purpose, Relationship healing.)


- Business/Branding/Social Media : (How to grow your business online, branding and marketing expansion via online strategy methods.) With this session all your goals and journey will be covered with the proper guidance along with awesome accountability.


This is the perfect coaching for anyone around the globe with real face to face interface with Jason or phone 1 on 1 action with Jason.  Most online clients do coaching sessions (you can order seperatley) once a week or twice  a week to stay consistent and to always stay on your A GAME!

12 week Program + 1 Phone Coaching Session

$750.00 Regular Price
$297.00Sale Price
  • * Your digital download program purchase of all 3 plans, as well as the Caliente Body Workout Series will be delivered within 48-72 hours via email in a "DROPBOX" link and is downloadable via any laptop or desktop which then you can later transfer/upload to any smart phone or I pad. There are no refunds as this system works! You just have to put in the work :)

    *  Once you purchased your session, you will recieve and email. In that email you will be asked to leave your phone number or email address to send you the zoom link for your session. We will schedule a 1 on 1 appointment with Jason to cater to your best days and times.

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