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Not sure where to start? Stuck at a Plateau? Need rapid fat loss or lean muscle results?

Watch video to learn how it works!

Join the thousands of people who made the change!

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Caliente Fitness Programs _ Online Client Transformation
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3 Programs in 1

GOOD NEWS!  The three programs can be reused for a LIFE-TIME whenever needed. So once you are done with each phase, you can start all over again, or simply pick one depending on your goals. You have lifetime access, and no monthly payments unlike most programs so you can reuse any or all of it as needed for a lifetime!

The Caliente Bundle Pack is the most complete fitness and meal planning package for women & men wanting to get in the best shape of their life! This combo has helped 1000's of people transform their mind and body!


What to expect?

 -Naturally speed up your metabolism

- Lose weight

- Lose body fat and inches

- Get lean and toned muscles all over your body.

- Get your mind right and body tight!

- Transform and shift your mind set for a life time! 

- Create a new life and lifestyle for eternity! 


(Phase 1) The "21 Day Kick Off" eases you into your journey with a very easy to follow  fat loss food + cardio + abs program you can do from home or at the gym perfect for beginners that want to be healthy and look amazing without starving and going on a boring diet. 


(Phase 2) The "8 Week Caliente Body Plan" will Get Your Body in FAT BURNING mode, speed up your metabolism and get processed foods out of your system. This version DOES include : (Weights + Abs + Cardio +  meal plan)  and will take you to the next level as you will now be eating more foods since you will additionally now be doing 3 days a week of weight training exercises + cardio and abs!


(Phase 3) The "7 Day Tummy Tuck Plan" is your final destination as this is is a unique fat trimming food plan online! No working out is necessary as the food intake in itself will help you lose the last amount of fat, inches and pounds off of your body! Think of if as a natural food detox or the go to plan for your last minute vacation, wedding or simply wanting  to show off in your new bathing suit :) A lot of my clients sometimes just use this plan for a quick fix when then need it! 



1) The 3 PDF (downloadable/printable) programs 

2) 3 Fat loss customizable (downloadable/printable) food plans with swappable food options (Meat, Vegans and Vegetarian options) taking you step by step to the ultimate mind and body reset.

3) Specific Cardio + Abs Workout Routines to help you lose twice the amount of fat while getting you lean.

4) The 8 week weight training plan PLUS a instructional digital download dvd demonstrating all the exercises, number of repetitions, sets and the rest times for each exercise you can do from home or gym.

5) List of types of Proteins/Veggies/Carbs/Fruits that your will eat and will help you lose water, fat, inches and extra weight.


6) What to buy and not buy at the grocery store and keep in your fridge at all times to keep you in prime state.

7) Motivation and Accountability charts to keep you on track and much more!

This bundle pack plan is designed for women & men who wast to lose at least10 lbs to lose. It will also work for those who have less to lose but the loss will be more gradual (1-2 lbs per). If you only need just a few lbs. to lose, you can just do the 21 or 7 day plans included. This plans is what me and my clients use year round and how I have eaten for years!

This is a nutrition, workout & lifestyle plan NOT a ‘boring and restrictive diet’. The only thing that works long term is making it a lifestyle!

This plan focuses on ADDITION not deprivation. We add in more of the good things and make less room for the bad.

The materials and content contained in the Bundle Pack program are for general health information only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

ON SALE! $297 

( Usually $500 )

(one time payment) 

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