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Don't give up!

In fitness and in life, you WILL have ups and downs. It's inevitable.

No matter how positive you are. And no matter how many times you look in the mirror and say "life is amazing", life will knock you down.

A few years back, I lost every fitness gain I worked for all from a careless action.

I've gotten screwed over by people I thought I trusted before...

I almost lost my dad in a serious car accident years ago.

And I'll tell you this, with 100% certainty.

All that is hard to take in.

But the victories happen when you get back up. I get back up EVERYTIME (even in spite of adversity).

Nothing will ever keep me down.

And NOTHING should keep you down.

No, I don't have any specific trick, secret, or book to read to help with this.

It's simply a matter of gaining every ounce of strength you have to turn that pain and hopelessness into forwarding momentum.

Don't forget what happened, but don't live in the past either.

You can't always remind yourself of someone that brought you down and then get frustrated every time you see them post on FaceBook about how awesome their life is.

You move on. You learn. And you come out a stronger person.

Not a cynical person and not someone who lives in denial... but a better version of yourself.

Someone who fights.

Someone who never, ever gives up. Even in spite of adversity. No matter what curve balls life throws at you.

This quote sums it up perfectly...

"It ain't about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward".-Rocky Balboa

No more excuses.

En route to building your dream body, you'll take some hard hits and it will seem challenging. But just keep on moving forward because greatness lies ahead.

STAY STRONG and if you need my help I am here for you no matter if it is just for advice or for you to actually start or continue all of the online fat loss food and fitness I provide!

Much Love,

Jason Rosell

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