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How to eat MINDFULLY for your body type and health to lose weight. | Mindful eating | Jason Rosell

Every month, me and my team get a lot of messages on instagram and facebook from people that eat SUPER HEALTHY, but are not getting the results they want, or are always feeling sick/sluggish somehow.

Eating food to survive is a must for everyone. Unfortunately, sometimes the "healthy" foods we eat, are not the best foods when it comes to the results we want to obtain. Eating the right foods for your health and body type is what is most important to have a positive relationship with food and your body.

Curious to know what are the best foods for you and your body type when it comes to losing weight and most importantly feeling great? Don’t miss the brand new episode of the Get Inspired with Jason Rosell #podcast

Listen to the episode now on your favorite #podcast platform HERE

Rather watch? See the episode below 👇

I hope you enjoy this and that it helps you in your journey!

Feel free to drop a comment with your questions and share this with someone that would appreciate it.


PS: What are your goals #2022 that you want to succeed in? Check out my latest motivation post on instagram that you NEED TO HEAR. Check it out here


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