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NO COOKING high protein meal ideas for weight loss | Losing weight diet plan

Getting in shape and losing weight takes time. What is even harder, is eating healthy! 80% of what we all look like is based on what we eat.

The other 20%? 10% is the workouts, and 10% is the genetics we have. In today's episode of the "Get Inspired With Jason Rosell" podcast, I give you some super simple and affordable meal ideas for weight loss!

Are they the super healthiest things you can intake? No, but it is a lot healthier and economical than just eating out, or eating frozen microwavable meals.

Have questions? Let me KNOW!

You can watch the episode below. Make sure to grab a pen and paper as I will be giving you enough information, and simple instructions on how to put all of these meals together very efficiently!

Feeling stuck and need some major accountability 😱 ? Learn more about my 1 on 1 mindset life, wellness and relationship coaching where we connect all the dots to conquer your fears, give you accountability, encouragement and most importantly the path to success mentally, emotionally and physically. Learn more HERE

Check out all of my Fat loss food/fitness programs & workout dvd's as seen on TV, and the 12 week "CALIENTE MIND BODY" program, that I recommended during this episode by clicking HERE

I hope this episode and blog helps tremendously! Leave me your feedback and feel free to drop any questions or any recommendations for future topics! Together we rise, stay inspired 😃



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