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The other day I was having a conversation with a friend and he was telling me that when he diets he always ends up putting back on the weight again… And that is exactly what happened to me for many years as many of you already know.

I would start a diet and either 5 days or 15 days of dieting I would lose (weight on the scale) and then later gain it back right away.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make almost every time after dieting is the failure to diet back correctly.

Yes, dieting back correctly is such a thing :)

The method is called “Reverse dieting" and it is exactly as it sounds… "The diet after the dieting" which is really called a “lifestyle plan.” And that is the only thing me and 100’s of my successful online clients do.

Instead of tampering the calories down you would slowly like you would when going on a diet, you would now increase them to 5-10% each week.

For example, if you were eating 2000 calories a day you would continually add 100-200 calories each week until you reach your goal.

By doing this you reduce the risk of adding unnecessary body fat back on. You see, your body is in such a sensitive state that anything you give it can affect it easily.

That's why reverse dieting is key!

But you should never feel as if you're on a diet... Because that’s not a lifestyle.

The best diet is the diet that works for you. Not you work for it.

That is why all my plans are flexible lifestyle eating plans! 80% of the time I eat clean/ whole foods and 20% of the time is ANYTHING I want as long as it fits within the caloric and macronutrient parameters.

A diet only works for so long , it comes down to how well you can sustain it and with a lifestyle plan, it will last you for eternity as long as you have versatility!

Ready for your lifestyle plan, versatility and feeling while looking more amazing than you have ever been?

to start my programs! Watch the video that explains how they each work and let's get that mind right and body tight!

Much Love, - Jason

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