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What to eat and not eat when really busy or traveling to stay in shape!

I am getting ready to head to the airport… Just like many of you have or do.

And just so I don’t spend a premium on food at the airport and put too much junk in my body I’m going to pack some snacks before I leave.

Here are a few

  • Spicy almonds

  • Bananas

  • Rice cakes with portable peanut butter

  • Protein bars (quest/power crunch)

But aside from the snacks. The hardest part of staying in shape while traveling is not knowing what to eat and what not to eat.

Many of client’s ask this “I am traveling for work, what do you suggest to do as far as meals?”

So for today, I want to share a list of Do's & Dont's to help you eat healthier when traveling or dining out.

This alone will make a huge difference…

Use the following Do's & Dont's to help you eat healthier when dining out.


DON'Ts :

DON'T order restaurant or fast food burgers, they are usually loaded with fat and very high in calories. Instead, choose a grilled chicken or turkey breast sandwich.

DON'T order cheese, cream, egg, or onion soups. Instead choose clear, broth-based soups with noodles or vegetables.

DON'T order foods described as buttered, buttery, in butter sauce, prime, stuffed, sautéed, fried, pan fried, batter-dipped, creamed, in cream sauce, etc.

DON'T put croutons, bacon bits, ham, creamy dressing & other high-fat toppings on salads.

DON'T order croissants, pastries, biscuits, butter rolls, or regular muffins.

DON'T order traditional desserts. If you must, split one dessert with a friend.

DON'T feel that you must eat everything on your plate!

DO's :

DO order food described as broiled, grilled, poached, roasted, baked or steamed

DO order whole grain bread, toast, breadsticks, rolls, or pitas (no butter).

DO order your vegetables steamed.

DO order fresh fruit (no whipped cream or toppings).

DO order grilled (not fried) chicken breasts - and make sure skin is removed.

DO order red pasta sauces instead of creamy white sauces (like alfredo).

DO order entrees containing chicken, fish, seafood, rice, potatoes, and vegetables.

DO order your baked potatoes plain (no butter, no sour cream, no bacon bits).

DO order green & tossed salads without the high-fat toppings (bacon bits, cheese, croutons).

DO order low-calorie salad dressings.

DO order low-calorie syrup for pancakes (preferably whole wheat or buckwheat).

DO order whole-wheat bagels or low-fat/sugar-free muffins at breakfast instead of donuts or pastries.

DO order your eggs cooked with whites only or no more than 3 yolks.

DO order beverages such as low-fat or skim milk, diet sodas, fruit juice, tea, coffee.

DO use spices, hot sauce pepper, herbs, mustard, lemon juice, and vinegar. (These are all 0 cals)

DO order desserts including frozen yogurt, frozen fruit ices, sugar-free jello.

Also, do your best to follow your exact calories and macros.

One way to determine your calories is to take your body weight and multiply it by 12. Whatever this number is, EAT THIS amount on every day while you travel and you will be good!

For example, if you weigh 200lbs then eat you would eat 2400cals every day while you are traveling.

Next, download the free APP Myfitnesspal plug in your calorie goal and try logging your calories to ensure you hit the right amount every day you are traveling.

So just to recap, Here's a great guide to follow when you're traveling.

1. Use the following Do's & Dont's to help you eat healthier when dining out.

2. Download MyFitnessPal APP

3. Track your calories in the free APP.

And as a bonus, stay hydrated and shoot for a gallon of water each day.

You got this!!!

Much Love,


P.S- Want everything in a complete detailed customizable plan I make for you?

In any of my 7 day, 21 day or 8 week plans, I teach you how to lose weight and/or get below 10% body fat specially while traveling on the go and without being on a restrictive diet. I hate diets! Haha

I teach you what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat so that you can still go out enjoy the foods you love while also getting the results you want. You can do either of those or get my “Personalized Meal Plan” that I write out for you and only you!

This perfect if you are busy and don’t have a lot of time to meal prep and need to eat on the go.

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