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Having a social life without ruining your diet!

Have a social life and look amazing!

We all love grabbing lunch or dinner with our friends, but unfortunately, this often means eating dishes that aren’t necessarily healthy and drinking a little too much alcohol. So what’s one to do when they are trying to lose weight, but still want to go out with their friends? Obviously you don’t want to cancel on your friends, but you also don’t want all of your hard work in the gym to go to waste. Here’s my two cents on the topic.

First off, the best advice I can give you to stop yourself from indulging while out with friends is to keep photos on your phone of what you looked liked before your journey. This will serve as motivation as to why sticking to clean eating can be more rewarding while looking and feeling amazing! Set goals, stick to them and own it!

When you’re looking over the menu at what to order it’s often hard to figure out what is healthy for you and what might be deceiving, as most dishes tend to be complex with a lot of ingredients. Below are some of my tips on how to order and not negate your weight loss goals when you’re eating out.

1. Avoid all types of dressings except vinegar or balsamic vinaigrette.

2. Avoid all fried foods and replace with baked (ie. trading in fries for a baked potato).

3. Avoid all sodas. If you’re craving a beverage with flavor try replacing soda with black or Green Tea or water with lemon.

4. Order grilled chicken of fish, instead of having them fried.

5. You can never go wrong with ordering a healthy salad, but make sure to take into account tip #1!

Although going out with friends to dinner can be seen as a way of rewarding yourself for your hard work in the gym, rewarding yourself in the kitchen or with a cocktail doesn’t have to be the answer. A great way to treat yourself is by buying a new outfit for all the hard work you have been accomplishing and when you go out with friends, pick a movie or a hike to celebrate. J

Lastly, if you do fall off of your fitness plan (which all of us are guilty of doing!) don’t be too hard on yourself. When you do slip up, just write down your goals for the upcoming week and stick to them 100%. You will be amazed at how accomplished and amazing you will feel the following week.

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