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Dating Shorter Men | Dating Taller Women | Short Celebrities

Hey there!!

For many years being a life, wellness and relationship coach, the topic of dating and height requirements comes up a few times a year when I hold seminars at matchmaking firms.

I could sit here and tell you a lot about it, but I figured I would show you and tell you first hand my experience, and the reality of what it comes down to when dating shorter men, or dating a taller woman, or just dating short guys in general.

Watch it now on my YOUTUBE channel, feel free to leave your comments and share with friends and family :)

Here it is!

Did you know I have a new #podcast ? You didn't!?

Don't worry, I got you!

CLICK here to subscribe on itunes, and if you don't use that platform, simply search: Get Inspired With Jason Rosell ( You can find me on all podcasts) :)

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