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How to get low body fat naturally for women and men

This was one of my best conditions ever. I was around 8% bf, full, and still pretty strong.(This was on 3 Mind Right Body Tight rounds back to back. CLICK HERE to learn about the program. The crazy thing is... I went against everything you’ve probably been told...

I was only training for 1hr at 4x a week, cardio was minimal (just a 10 minute HIIT session a week and walking 10k+ steps a day). Best of all, I was eating around 2500 calories a day while enjoying the foods I love. Getting here was simple. Don’t get me wrong, it took a lot hard work, but the system I followed was simple. Today, I wanted to share with you my exact system so that you could do it too. TRAINING- Just 3 days a week of weights and 2 of cardio, 1 hour sessions, consisting of compound movements like squat, bench, deadlift, rows, and chins. Just 5-6 movements a workout. There’s no need to live in gym 24/7. I prioritize my recovery and when I train, I train REALLY intense. Every time, I workout I push myself to lift just a little bit more than before (aka progressive overload). I also train each muscle 2x week MINIMUM (aka high frequency) By focusing more on recovery, I’ve seen the best results. Same thing with cardio, there’s no need to do a lot just lose weight/fat. I just walk 10k+ steps a day. When you do too much cardio it tends to interfere with recovery, increase appetite, and suppress important hormones that help with fat loss. So by training heavy with weights and minimizing cardio to just walking 10k+ steps a day it makes it easier to recover, lose fat, and make consistent progress in the gym.

NUTRITION- What’s allowed me to get here is living life on my own terms and enjoying the foods I love in moderation without feeling like I'm restricting myself. On days I didn’t workout I fasted. I eat around 3000cals per day with 80% being healthy whole foods and the other 20% being foods like sushi, pizza, chocolate, and donuts. Ultimately, the best way to ensure that you’re hitting your training, steps, and nutrition is by tracking it with free tracking apps. The two apps that I use are Myfitnesspal and Apple health. No need to go out and blow $3k on peloton or follow a fad diet (that won’t work a year from now.) Just do what’s works. Track it. Push yourself to do more. And Repeat. It’s that simple



P.S. If you're overwhelmed and too busy and you need someone to give you direction toward your goal than I can help you.

I'm looking for 4 more busy professionals who want to have more energy and feel better in their clothes before 2020.

So if you are a busy professional and you... • Want to live a healthier lifestyle, but have little time to exercise. • Hate how your clothes fit and it’s starting to make you feel uncomfortable. • Can’t stand having low ENERGY because it's affecting your workout, relationships, and social life.

Then fill out this application CLICK HERE and I will be in touch

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