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3 standing ABS exercises to get a flat stomach in 2020 | Standing AB workouts Jason Rosell

Looking to add some variety into your workouts?

I had the pleasure of being a guest on “Your Life Arizona” TV show this month. It was SO MUCH FUN!

I demonstrated 3 simple standing ABS exercises will help you tone up your core and that also aid with burning fat as it's a form of cardio.

As far as those 3 exercises, here is simple breakdown and I have many more on my lifestyle fitness programs and (digital download) workout dvds as seen on TV, located on my website (CLICK HERE TO VIEW)


1) Upper lower AB crunch : Raise both your hands above your head and connect past one knee, one at a time for a total of 40 reps - 20 on each side. This works both your upper and lower abdomen.

2) Love handle side crunch : Place one hand on any hip and extend your opposite arm above your head and crunch to same side knee to work the love handles. Do three sets of 20 on each side

3) Oblique standing AB crunch : Raise both arms side to side above your head, palms facing up and crunch opposite elbow to opposite knee twice on each side and repeat that until you do 20 on each side. Do three sets of 20.


I recommend doing these exercises at least three times a week as they are a form of fat burning workouts in addition to tightening your core.

if you have not already, I highly recommend subscribing to my podcast and YouTube channel where I have a lot of episodes where I talk about health, recipes and showcase many different workouts.

CLICK PLAY (Below to watch)

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