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Mucho Mucho Amor | Walter Mercado Documentary | Interview with director Kareem Tabsch | Jason Rosell

Do you have a lot of LOVE in your heart and soul? In today's #GetInspiredWithJason the #podcast and #youtube show, I interview one of the the directors of the international documentary film "MUCHO MUCHO AMOR" - The Legend of Walter Mercado (On Netflix)

The director (Kareem Tabsch) shares with us how this amazing project came to life, and why him and his team were so excited to create a film about the super star "Walter Mercado" who disappeared for many years. He also shares some amazing inspirational stories you don’t want to miss!

About Walter Mercado #WalterMercado:Puerto Rican astrologer Walter Mercado was a global phenomenon. Dressed like a latino Liberace he was one of the most celebrated and beloved figures on Spanish-language television — an extravagant, outrageous, endlessly positive, gender non-conforming who dispensed horoscopes to daily TV audience that reached 150 million viewers at his peak.

Kareem is a real life inspiration to people who really want to achieve anything they put their mind to. Kareem has a great attitude, and has many more amazing projects coming soon that you don’t want to miss!

You can listen to the show on all podcast platforms by CLICKING HERE

You can also watch the episode on video below youtube.

Follow Kareem on social media @KareemTabsch

Leave any questions or comments for Kareem, and feel free to share this episode with friends and family!

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Much Love - #GetInspired


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