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Super mom of 3 "Inside Out" Transformation!

I want to share with you this super amazing “inside and out” online client transformation!🏆

I am so proud of my @jasonrosellLIVE mindset coaching and @caliente_fitness online Client Tammy @writtenmindbodyspirit who is a mother of 3, with a lot of challenges she has faced in the process, but look how far she has come! THIS IS DETERMINATION! (Please read about her and her story below)

Read her TESTIMONIAL (And keep on the look out for her mind blowing transformation video releasing soon so you can watch and listen to her full story that will completely shock you and motivate you beyond belief) Tammy’s Weight and Inches results: Age 40 Starting weight at 228.6 Weight Lost so far 60 Lbs. Inches Lost 28.5 Tammy’s Written Testimonial: I started this journey to SAVE myself. Being a mother of 3 kids, taking care of my husband, my father and my mother, I had put off my own care for so long that I was physically and mentally suffering. At my peak weight of 228.6 pounds I had high blood pressure, prediabetic, insane inflammation through my body, a damaged knee that I am still treating after an operation and also couldn't sleep at night. After my mom's stroke, I couldn't stand the thought of my kids watching me fall apart when I could do something about it. I was also dealing with unbalance, sleeplessness, sadness, anxiousness and lack of motivation. I decided to start the Caliente Mind Caliente Program by Jason Rosell in addition to hiring Jason as my mindset life and wellness coach as I have seen all the lives he has changed and what he has done for in many areas of their lives. With the program and the 1 on 1 weekly phone/zoom sessions, my life and all the things I was suffering from are much better and I have learned and excited to learn more things such as practicing his guided meditations, journaling daily, social media branding tips, following the fitness/food plans and for once putting myself first! Putting myself something I am not used to doing, along with focusing on my mental health. I have to say that if that weren’t a part of the coaching and this program, I probably would have given up. As a coach, not only held only me accountable, but showed empathy and care. I never felt like he was judging me and because of this, I put the effort to meet my goals. I have done a lot and plan on continuing working with Jason!


I want you to know that YOU ARE ENOUGH

I want you to know that YOU ARE COACHABLE

I want you to know that YOU CAN DO THIS!

Are you serious and ready to transform into the best version of you (not just physically, but in all areas)

If you answered YES, then comment below or email me and tell me YOU ARE READY!

That is it.


Can you handle that? :)

Have a beautiful day!


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