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How to drink alcohol and stay in shape.

Like to drink alcohol and stay in shape? Well this will help you this weekend and for rest of your fitness journey.

Last night I went to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in West Hollywood for one of my many (flexible/cheat meals) of the week. I got shrimp and steak fajitas and along with that, I got two Margaritas.

But if this were a few years ago, I would've probably opted out for the 5 drinks and chips and salsa only :)

You see, when I first started training I was apprehensive to even drinking the slightest bit of alcohol. I thought it would reverse everything I worked hard for.

And I'm sure you've been hesitant to drink because you've wondered the same thing

"Can I still drink alcohol and stay lean?"

The truth is that you can.

And I'm not saying you can go out and drink like a fish. If you are doing, have done or are thinking about doing my online fat loss customizable food programs, your will know that in each phase I let you eat more and drink more.

I'm saying that it's still 100% realistic to go out and have a few drinks while also looking really lean.

It's simple.

In fact, I broke it down into a lifestyle approach with 3 steps :

1. Determine a rough ESTIMATE your Basal metabolic rate (BMR)

Take your body weight in lbs multiple it by 12cal per lb.

Example- 200lbsX 12cal= 2400cals per day (This is your total amount of calories you should eat per day to lose fat/stay lean)

2. Determine your alcohol consumption window.

Take 10-%-20% of that overall number (2400cal).

That means you can drink between 240-480cals. Roughly 2-4 drinks depending on the drink.

3. Make smart choices.

Clear liquor mixed with club soda is the best option.

Craft beer comes highest in calories (sorry I know, I know it sucks.. I love craft beer too)

And Sugar free margaritas are great too!

But that's why I made a video for your convenience to further explain everything to you!

In this video, I show you how to make your own sugar free margaritas and also know how to order it when you got out :) CLICK HERE TO WATCH


P.S- If enough is enough and you are still stuck and want to be able to go out have a few drinks and still see results.

Check out my 21-day and 7 day challenge programs. I want you to challenge yourself to be your best self! Click the orange button below to learn more and start.

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