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A Simple Nutrition Plan for a Different Kind of Physical Athlete

Even though it does not look like the most physically grueling, intense sport out there, golf requires its players to always be at the top of their game. It requires aspects from almost every facet of fitness, from strength and flexibility, to cardiovascular and core strength. It is also not surprising that many golfers rely on various different training methods away from the hours they spend at the driving range in order to improve their game. Golf Digest stated some players even go out of their way and try special sport-specific programs such as Pilates. Golfers expend energy on the golf course, even though it doesn’t always look the most taxing of sports. Therefore, nutrition can be a determining factor to help improve performance. In short, consuming the recommended amount of food supports the body’s needs and helps achieve optimal performance levels. Simple Most suggest in order to maintain certain fitness levels: it is “80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise.” Nowadays, professional golfers are finely tuned athletes who have to adhere to strict dietary requirements. Writer Luke Kerr-Dineen discussed John Rahm’s notorious swing and how energy sapping it is for someone to execute such a powerful shot. The Spaniard, who is mentioned in The Rising Golf Stars to Watch in 2017’, a list published by golf website Play Your Course, credits this power to, working out and eating right. Which goes to show any golfer out there that if you eat the right food it can reflect on your game in the long run. When it comes to golfers, the idea is still, just like any other athlete, to understand the importance of the nourishments they put in their bodies. Water is the most essential out of all of these, because it supports cells in their quest to transport nutrients, as well as eliminate waste, in the body. Because golf is an outdoor sport, often times its played under the scorching hot sun, so it is vital to maintain correct body temperature. Players, as suggested by the American College of Sports Medicine, should drink three to eight fluid ounces of water every 20 minutes. When it comes to the type of food to eat before playing, it is important to have carbohydrate-rich snacks and/or meals. Protein is just as important, as it helps build and repair muscles, all while helping reduce post-match soreness. Just make sure to avoid fatty and high in fiber foods. On the other hand, after playing for hours, it is equally essential to have a recovery meal and replace lost fluids. Just like the aforementioned pre-game foods, a typical meal should have a good balance of carbs and protein. It is also important to incorporate fruits and vegetables, as well as the occasional dairy based smoothies and chocolate milk for additional muscle recovery. All in all, eating well coincides playing well on the golf course. And the diet you abide by during the week is as important as the food you consume before and after tee time. For more general health tips, please check Caliente Fitness blog.

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