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9 proactive tips for COVID-19 & my take on the corona virus💙

Look, I know you’re probably tired of all the corona stuff, so I’ll keep it short and to the point my friend.

As you see above in the illustration, there are 9 proactive tips for COVID-19 that I am sharing with you. For many this may not be new, but more than anything, it is a reminder.

From all the social distancing, food and toilet paper scarcity, ongoing news, panic, and lots of uncertainty, it’s been a time like no other..,

This obviously isn’t a little thing affecting a few. It’s had a tremendous impact from a global scale.

It’s unlike anything we’ve ever experienced and seen... But listen, it’s 100% okay to be scared and uncertain. If there’s one thing I could say it’s this.

------> Everything will be okay.

Here are some additional tips in the meantime I want you to know :

1. Stay in faith, not fear

2. Keep an eye on what's going on, but don't get consumed in it.

3. Take this time to go inward.

4. Spend productive time reading those books you have been wanting to read.

5. Write daily into your journal 3 things you are thankful for. (Are you unsure of how to journal? Email me. I personally did not know how to journal correctly when I first started many years ago.)

6. Meditate daily! I have 3 different types of meditations on my Youtube channel (Look up = Jason Rosell meditation

7. Stay away from negative people

There's also another thing I just want to let you know. The Jason Rosell and Caliente Fitness community is here to support, lead, and help you. Let me/us know.

We really need to lean on each other, especially in times like this. We are here to 100% support you and as a team we won’t let you fail.

We’re all connected and we should be thinking of one another and how to best prevent the spread of the disease.

Lastly, I want to let you know that if you can’t make it to the gym with everything that's going on, that’s 100% okay!

For your convenience, I’ll be providing you additional 1 on 1 coaching hours and days in addition to live in-home workouts PLUS all of my food/fitness programs and dvd's available on my website.

There is, as always, free workouts on my youtube channel, but I want you to stay focused and spend YOU time very wisely. We might as well get in the best mental, emotional and physical shape ever right!?

As mentioned, we’re in this together. Let’s make the best of the extra time at home and help you reach your fitness goals and continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

Reply back to this email to let me and my team know what your goals are, any specific things you need help in that you want to progress on that I cover.

Ask about the special 20% discount we are offering for VIP mastermind bundle packages (Phone coaching + programs) This is MINDSET COACHING that you will love!

View all the life - wellness - relationship coaching sessions + programs by visiting my website. Click here

Much love to you!


ps: Check out the latest evening meditation in the video below

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