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Are you feeling super down and out? Are you not able to get back into a powerful and happy productive zone? Everyday and every week starts to blur together right?

Before you know it you are going back and fourth from the fridge to the couch, then to Netflix shows you have ZERO interest in, or you start finding out things that are wrong with your house or apartment that you never saw before. It becomes a pure insane marathon!

Meanwhile, the only escape you get is checking social media, the news or maybe some random quick YouTube workout video.

With all this free time you begin feeling super tired or just get into a lazy complacent place. I know the feeling as I was lazy, obese and depressed for 20 plus years before I transformed my mind, body and lifestyle.

If you let this continue, your body will start storing fat that will be packed on super quick. Not to mention, you will be slow all around.

Well I have good news for you, only if you want good news. I am going to HELP YOU break on this negative cycle once and for all.

Below are 5 tips that will get your mind, body, and soul moving and grooving!

1. Do a short fun workout

I don't want you doing any super hard workouts, specially if you are just starting out or coming back from a long break. With a short fun workout, you will wake up your body and get it waking up all over again to crave more and be able to do more as weeks go by.

Here is a free 10 Minute Full Body workout of mine:

2. Trade Netflix For a inspirational and positive Podcast

Look, I love movies, shows and documentaries (sparingly,) but loading up your brain with silly content just to waste time is super unhealthy.

3 movies per week and maybe a few shows here and there is totally fine. Just because people are binge watching shows or the latest Tiger King, doesn't mean you should too. Are you a leader or a follower? I want you to be the leader!

Want to get super productive!? Listen to some awesome podcasts! Not sure where to start? Subscribe to my podcast and YouTube show “Get Inspired With Jason” CLICK HERE

3. Start doing daily guided meditations

Before I became a life and wellness coach, I was just known as a happy, fun and successful celebrity trainer.

I promise you that guided meditations really work by clearing your mind, and puts you in a headspace of clarity, relaxation and takes any and all anxiety or depression you may be facing.

Just like my top selling program “ Mind Right a body Tight”, the title says it all.

Transform your mind, and then the body will follow.

Here is one of my favorite morning meditations. Try doing this every morning (even if nothing is wrong as it will create a positive pattern and YOU time.) I have more on my YouTube channel for you to try :

4. Journal daily and Write Thank You Letters

When you live a life full of happiness and gratitude, it is completely impossible to feel fear or anxiety at the same time. Every morning I want you to write three things you're grateful for.

Now I want you to also think of the last 5 people that did sweet and awesome gestures for you. I want you to write those 5 people thank you letters.

You will notice that as soon as you start writing, you will feel an inner feeling of happiness, peace and a super mood shift all in your mind, heart and body.

This will get you thriving, full of energy, positive energy and you will also be making someone’s day.

You can’t expect good things to happen to you if you don’t wish the same for others right?

My Takeaway for you

You can and should be lazy from time to time. You deserve it, I deserve it, everyone deserves it.

I want you to stop being “busy” and start getting productive to make yourself feel better. I promise you that you can do this and life simply just becomes so much better!

If you are feeling stuck, and possibly need some help getting out of your funk, send me a message and let’s start a conversation.

Me or anyone from my team will get back to you and get you moving and grooving your life the way you deserve. CLICK HERE to learn more about 1 on 1 phone coaching (life/wellness/relationships)

We all need accountability. Together with the right support system, we can get through anything and achieve anything we want.

I am here for you!


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