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How to have a healthy Gut | Tips to keep your gut microbiome healthy | Get Inspired With Jason Rosel

If you follow me and watch my weekly LIVE videos and stories on INSTAGRAM, you will notice I have been talking about food a lot.

Food that is good for you, food that is not good for you, and GUT HEALTH as a whole.

Remember that just because some foods are "GOOD," does not mean they go well with you and your digestive system.

Some foods that you eat contribute with the fatigue, bloating and other negative factors we all face sometimes if we do not have an awesome relationship with food.

We MUST have knowledge of all these things to really look and feel amazing at all times!

In my most recent episode of #GetInspiredWithJason the #podcast & #youtube show, me and my guest Saarah Samadani (health and gut expert,) explore the gut and how to keep it healthy.

We also cover :

*Importance of Gut Health

*How Good Gut Health can put you in a good mood

*How good gut health can help clear your skin (or make your skin glow)

*How good gut health can give you more energy

*How getting a good night's sleep helps optimize gut health and allows it to function better

* Learn what foods to eat and to not eat in addition to what tests you must take to make sure your microbiome healthy.

Listen to this episode on :

Apple Podcasts : click here

Spotify Podcasts : click here

Youtube : click here

Let me know is this episode inspired you and helped you in any way!

Leave your comments and feel free to share with friends and family :)

Much love to you!

Jason Rosell

ps: Don't follow me on instagram yet? Just CLICK HERE to start enjoying my weekly stories and live videos

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