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The TRUTH about stretch marks & extra skin!

I wanted to share this amazing video on stretch marks and extra skin since I suffered from this for many years. So even if you have had kids, have lost a lot of weight or simply got extra skin or stretch marks in past or currently you will love this video in this email below.

Me and my fitness pal which you may recognize from her best selling books and being an awesome mother "Natalie Jill," don't have a lot in common, BUT, we do have this in common: we have both lost weight, have our own transformation journey, and we both have extra skin.

Listen — you can lose the weight, build the muscle, and have abs to show — but there really isn’t much you can do to get rid of that ext

ra skin (if you have it) without undergoing the knife.

Newsflash: extra skin is totally, completely normal when you undergo a transformation!

Things to consider when you have extra skin: Lose the fat/weight that needs to be lost by eating real, natural, unprocessed foods and from intensity in training.

Build the muscle that lives underneath the skin

Decide what your REAL reason is for taking the next step. Know your WHY.

We get it. If you’ve done all that you can: you’ve lost the weight, built the muscle but the skin is still affecting your life — then you make the call. But please remember, PERFECTION does not exist.

A little bit on stretch marks: Purple: extremely deep stretch marks; skin severely stretched Red: when purple stretch marks start to fade; after some weight loss Transparent/White: last stage of stretch marks; after time

Want my grandmothers mixture recipe as mentioned in the video to get ris of stretch marks?

Here it is : pure olive oil, honey, and filtered vinegar. I suggest brushing it on your stomach (or area with stretch marks), and saran wrap yourself before bed. Imagine that!

Now,, this alone WILL NOT get rid of all of it or make it tighter. You have to eat balanced and exercise at least 3 times a week.

In my programs I teach you when to eat, how to eat and it all goes HAND IN HAND!

Take advantage of my 40% off sale on all my programs. They are already marked down, click on orange button to view them all and see which ones are best for you and your goals. If you want long term goals and amazing results like you see of my online clients featured on website and women's health magazine, then I suggest the "bundle pack" :)

Have a lovely day and hope this helps you!

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